More high end gem cutting + prospecting lowbie ores

Well I sold my first cut gem so I used the funds from that to purchase another recipe (Lustrous Star of Elune, +2 mana/5 sec and +4 INT). I had one Star of Elune that I prospected this morning, so that’s three rare gems I’ve cut so far.

I also read on the beta forums yesterday that there’s a prospecting bug which allows you to get unlimited skill points prospecting the same stack of ore over and over. So I thought I’d see if I could take advantage of that… errr duplicate it for testing purposes. I went to Arathi and mined about 50 iron ore, but no dice. I did however note something else, every single prospect I did produced a gem and 4 (out of 10) gave two gems. Obviously this is just a random sample, but it’s possible that prospecting lower level ores gives a higher success rate than prospecting ore that is equivalent with your jewelcrafting skill.


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  1. Justin Says:

    Kaliope, got another question. Have you tried prospecting other ore types, such as Dark Iron? Also, how about the ‘uncommon’ ores, such as silver or gold? I can’t imagine that this would be overly popular, but just something that might be interesting to test in a beta situation. Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication. Those of us who are not in the beta greatly appreciate it.


  2. kaliope Says:

    Hi Justin, nice to see you’re still hanging around :) Yes, I’ve tested the uncommon ores and they are not prospectable. I took some with me just in case, but you can only prospect ‘base’ ores. I actually had to vendor some dark iron I mined in the Burning Steppes (while I was trolling for thorium) because it seems to have no use with regard to beta content. As a result the market for dark iron ore is pretty non-existent here. Thanks for the question – don’t hesistate to comment again if you think of something else!

  3. Wadin Says:

    Do you have any idea were to find the Cut gem skills? like “Cut citrine” ?

    thanks in advance


  4. kaliope Says:

    We have a thread going about this, you can see my response here:

    Short answer is… no such thing. Sorry :(

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