Enchanting 310-325

Wow, I didn’t realize I forgot to post my enchanting info – sorry folks. I’m currently sitting at 325. Basically I just continued to enchant my own stuff using the arcane dust and lesser planar essences until recipes would go yellow, then I’d train a few more. I made myself the Runed Fel Iron Rod as well, since about half of my recipes at 325 use it.

At this point I only have one recipe that is orange, Chest: Major Spirit (+15 SPI). It uses two Greater Planar Essences, so it’s pretty steep on mats. There are no new recipes from the trainer until 340, so this looks like it will be a tough stretch. Now if I were adventuring I probably would be able to get some new recipes from faction vendors to help fill in the gaps (yes, there are vendors who sell chant recipes at Friendly, including Honor Hold). But I haven’t been leveling Kayree so I’m going to have a rougher time than some of you will.

I also got a recipe for a Prismatic Sphere, which is yellow when you get it from the trainer. It requires 4 Large Prismatic Shards and makes a “gem” with +3 to all resists. Kind of a weird item, but ok. Since I only have 1 large prismatic shard and one small, I won’t be making that item anytime soon, heh.

I found one vendor in Shattrath City who sells a shield chant (+15 STA) for 325 skill, so I went ahead and bought it. There’s also a new Wizard Oil at 340, so maybe that will be a good grinding recipe if the required herbs aren’t outrageously overpriced.

I have continued to send Kayree my green drops and some of my crafted items, but she’s still a bit low on components, so I’ll have to try to build back up again before I can make the next push to 335. I see Thottbot has a listing for arcane crystals right around there, but no vendor info is listed and the trainer does not have it either, so I still think that’s an iffy one. I’ll keep you posted.


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