My first dungeon visit: The Blood Furnace

There I was in Hellfire Peninsula, just minding my own business. Well actually, getting pounced on by Quillfang Ravagers, but that’s another story. Then I get a tell asking if I’d be interested in healing for a BF (Blood Furnace) group that has already done part of the dungeon. Since it was midnight for me, I asked how long they thought it would take to complete and they said about an hour. That wasn’t too bad, so I said “Sure”. They summoned me in and they did indeed have a good bit of it cleared out, I’d guess at least 2/3rds. So sadly, I can’t really say what the first sections of BF are like.

I can say from what I saw this place seems to be basically orcs and demons. We had a lock with us, so she was able to banish demons during some of our fights. Our CC was light, a hunter, and a rogue (no imp sap tho). This is actually the group composition that I am most used too, since it’s the same classes as my core grouping buds in my guild. Unfortunately it had been weeks since I’d done any group healing, so I was a bit rusty <sorry guys!>.

Everyone was very nice to me, even though I muffed up my heals on the first fight and our rogue went down. I hadn’t made a point to check which function keys went to which melee types and was madly mashing them all trying to fire off heals – how sad is that?!? Luckily it seemed to be a short run back in and we were able to keep going without much delay.

After the initial snafu I was able to keep up a bit better, still not totally in my groove but keeping up with health bars mostly. We cleared the first room and move on to a second one. These groups seemed to be a mix of 3-4 melee plus casters (summoners, necros). Our hunter would try to freeze trap one, rogue sap another and run back and tank try to keep the rest occupied. Our leader “Cal” did a good job of letting us know what to expect and what strategies to use if needed.

After the first room and a second room, we had a boss fight where he dropped a really nice healer trinket with +59 healing equip bonus and a -215 mana reduction with 3 minute cooldown. Since I was the only healer, everyone agreed that I could take it. Thanks guys!

When we got to the last boss there was a room full of about half a dozen casters, all hanging out in some sort of summoning circle. Cal said they would all aggro at once and we needed to offtank two with pets, plus try to sap one. We did our best, but we ended up losing everyone except me and Cal (our tank). Luckily I was able to keep him up long enough to take the boss down. It was an interesting fight because the boss kept firing off some sort of AOE blast (fire?) that no one was expecting. I almost died even though I wasn’t terribly close to the action. Cal noted that he seemed to crouch down when he was going to AOE, so for future reference it might have helped to back off when he crouched.

Anyway, it was a good run and everyone was nice and fairly mature for a pug <heh>. So thanks to Cal, Fuse, Shir and Shadowlok for having me in your group!


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