350+ JC: Buddy can you spare a rare gem recipe?

This morning I was able to push past 350 (by 2 points) thanks to a kind beta player putting up a rare gem cutting recipe for 100g. Most of them sell for 300-1000g, so this was a real bargain. Since there are easily 20 rare gem-cutting recipes at 350+, there’s no way I can pay that kind of money over and over. So I was happy to see a cheapie that matched two of my gems. Right now I have a stash of about 6, so I’ll still need a few more recipes to cut the others. But I cut those two with my new recipe and I should be able to sell the cut gems for a few hundred gold and plow that money into more recipes :)

Also, I got a comment yesterday from a reader who asked about whether there are levels involved in Prospecting, and if it’s possible to disenchant Jewelry. Both very good questions and ones I haven’t really touched on, so I’m going to address them here for the benefit of all.

Prospecting: Yes there are levels. When you first learn prospecting you can only use it on copper ore. I’m not actually sure where Tin kicked in because I didn’t have any, but I’m guessing it was probably around the same point that I started training bronze recipes. I was able to prospect iron ore right about the same time I got the iron recipes, same with thorium and fel iron. So you can probably assume that when you receive your first recipe, you’ll be able to prospect that ore.

I found this chart on the Giddy Gamer that has specific numbers, but I can’t really say for sure that it’s accurate. It looks to be close, although I was able to prospect adamantite before 350, I think closer to 330 or 340. The thorium number looks too high also, I would guess it’s closer to 225 when you get the thorium setting recipe.

As for disenchanting jewelry, I don’t see why not. I haven’t actually tested this but I’ll be happy to do so. I have a ton of jewelry that isn’t moving quickly anyway, so why not? I’ll get back to you guys on this one, but I expect it will be disenchantable.


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  1. Justin Says:

    Thanks again for another great post. As I said under the previous thread (before I saw this newest post), you definitely provide the most complete data, and provide it in an interesting and living way rather than as just dry statistics. Keep up the excellent work and thank you very much for finding the answers to my questions. :)


  2. kaliope Says:

    Aww, you’re too kind Justin ! I sent some 40+ jewelry to my enchanter this morning to check out your DE question and I was able to disenchant all of the items with no problem. They dropped dream dust, appropriate for level 40ish items. I also noticed that they added a tooltip to the disenchanting action, in addition to the “Cannot be disenchanted”. When you hover over an item that *can* be disenchanted, it shows the level requirement, ie “Disenchanting requires Enchanting (225)”. The level 50+ stuff was 225 and the 40+ items were 150. These tooltips were just added in the last week or so, looks like they got rolled to the live servers as well. Interesting… clearly I’m not hanging out on my regular server enough, lol.

  3. Brad Says:

    Long time reader, first time poster. Fantastic site and even better guides. I’ve learnt alot from your experience and eagerly await your next update. Keep up the great work !!

  4. Dan Says:

    I too want to say thanks for your great posts. I am really looking forward to leveling Jewelcrafting and your insights will be of great value during the process. =)

    I do have two quick clarification questions for you if you have time to respond. 1) Is there any use for Arcane Crystals in jewelcrafting at this point, except for maybe that they are used in Arcanite Bars? 2) Is there any use fro Dark Iron Ore in jewelcrafting?

    Thanks again!

  5. kaliope Says:

    Hi Brad & Dan! Thanks so much for your gracious comments about my blog – for the longest time I thought I was writing to myself ;) It’s nice to know there are folks out there following the posts.

    As for your question Dan, I’m sorry to say that there are no new uses for Dark Iron or Arcane Crystals in BC. This has kind of bummed me out too, because my rogue had been stealth mining DI and I ended up selling it all off. In fact, when I was trolling for thorium to prospect in Burning Steppes, I just vendored all the dark iron because I couldn’t sell it.

    With arcane crystals, there are a few recipes in Jewelcrafting that use the arcanite bars, but nothing that you can’t skip over if you’re just grinding up skill points. I think there are two recipes that make blue items and one for a BoP figurine.

    Feel free to let me know if you have other questions – that’s why I’m here!

  6. wandelaar Says:

    A really great in depht guide / log on an issue we all have interest in. I’m looking forward to read more :)

    Game on!

  7. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Wandelaar – glad you’re enjoying the blog! Feel free to ask any questions you might have about jewelcrafting if you think of them =)

  8. Zwolfter Says:

    Hey, are Arcane Crystals something that can be prospected out of the thorium ore?

    Also, I have to say thank you for your guides and info on your blog. I have been stockpiling mats for a while now (basically since jewelcrafting was announced) and I used your guide to organize everything. I’m going to power level my jewelcrafting next week to at least 265 as soon as its possible (probably by the end of the first day :)

    Thanks again,


  9. kaliope Says:

    Hi Zwolfter, thanks for stopping by! I have not been able to prospect arcane crystals from thorium ore so far. I believe I prospected 150-200 thorium when I was trying to collect gems for the 250-300 stretch of jewelcrafting, so I had quite a good sampling. Glad to hear that the guide and shopping lists are helping you =)

    I have a post with some data on the gems I collected from thorium here if you missed it.

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