JC 340-350: Adamantite and the evils of Mercurial Stone

This range is quite cumbersome, I must say. I had collected around 20 gems from prospecting and Korlyn’s mining efforts, but all my cutting recipes were green or gray to me. I had no orange recipes and only two yellow, both of which required Mercurial Adamantite. Korlyn sent me a couple stacks of Adamantite to prospect, so I was able to get some adamantite powder to make the mercurial adamantite (4x adamantite powder + 1 primal earth).

Between my green gem cuts and the two yellow recipes I was able to get to 348. Then I ran out of mercurial adamantite and needed to do more mining. Korlyn has been going out every morning and trying to get 1-2 stacks of adamantite for the various ore-crafts, so after a few days I finally had some more adamantite powder. Unfortunately during last week’s patch Blizz threw another curveball at me. Instead of just the powder and primal earth, you also need a Mercurial Stone to create mercurial adamantite, which is made by Alchemists… yay :( I don’t know anyone on the beta server. One guy over the course of the week posted one of these on the auction – for 1000g! Um, problem. I only have 300g on my Jewelcrafter. Sure, if I totally deplete one of my other girls I can come up with that kind of cash, but seriously, why should I have to do that?!?

So I started collecting the mats for the primals myself, in the hopes that I could beg some kind Alchemist to make one for me. But lo… on Christmas afternoon I just happened to bop online and there was a mercurial stone up for 450 gold. Still not cheap, but at least within reach. So I grabbed that up (special thanks to Andaine for putting one up for a more reasonable price) and sold off my primals, which covered maybe half the cost.

Finally I was able to move forward with jewelcrafting. I’m still annoyed at Blizz for creating such a huge roadblock, but at least on my live server I know a few alchemists that would be able to hook me up. So with my new stone in hand I made a couple more mercurial adamantite and crafted a couple more of the yellow jewelry recipes to push myself to 350. Woot!!

Over the course of the adamantite prospecting and the mining, I’ve found about 5 blue gems which kick in at 350 skill for cutting. I don’t know if I’ll be able to acquire the cutting recipes, at this stage they seem to be all drops or faction purchases. But I’ll do my best to work that out and keep this going… meanwhile I’ll be working on a Jewelcrafting Guide, so keep your eyes out for that.

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  1. mike Says:

    i just bought a stone for 4 g buy out whoo hoo

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