Blacksmithing 330-340

I finally got to 340 skill today, I had to collect quite a bit of Adamantite ore to get there. Each item at this stage takes almost a stack of ore to make, so skilling up can be slow. Also, once I hit 340 all my recipes went yellow except the 3 blue recipes I bought from the vendor in Telredor. None of those require an excessive amount of ore, but they do need 8-12 primals each, so that’s going to be a problem. I think right now I might have 10 primals total in my bank.

And by looking up my own recipe listing on Crafter’s Tome, I can see that these are the only recipes available except for the Adamantite Rapier until I hit 350. So I guess I’ll be making lots of rapiers =) It will take awhile to get to 350 since 10 rapiers equates to about 240 adamantite ore.

I finally ventured out into a higher zone to increase my chances of finding adamantite. I had been working Zangarmarsh which seems to be about 50/50 with fel iron. I’m only level 62 atm but I went ahead and found a reasonably calm spot in Nagrand where a few nodes of adamantite spawn. The mobs here are 64-65, but if I’m careful I can wander around without dying too much. It might help if I leveled up a bit, no?


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