Engineering 330-345

I had a stack of fel iron bars to get skill points with, then I realized that I didn’t have any good grinding recipes. I could make the Toolbox with 10 bars or a Fel Iron Musket with 13 bars, which wouldn’t be terribly efficient use of my 20 bars. The Fel Iron Shells were still yellow and only used two bars of fel iron, so I thought I’d take my chances with it. This worked out pretty well really, I got up to 335 and still had some bars left over. Too bad I can’t use the stupid bullets, all my girls are bowyers atm.

The upside is that at 335 I got several new recipes including the White Smoke Flare, which is a perfect grinding recipe. It uses 1 Elemental Blasting Powder and 1 Netherweave cloth, and I had plenty of both. So I was able to plow through another 10 skill points on it – woot! The blasting powder is pretty easy to make, just one mote of earth and one mote of fire. Since you end up with a good number of these by mining, they’re easy to acquire. So you engineering folks should make a point to craft a stack of blasting powder and save a stack of netherweave for this stage, these are cheap skill points.

Hmm… what to do with a bunch of white flares…


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