Blacksmithing recipes now online!

I just finished adding a large number of the new blacksmithing recipes to Crafter’s Tome from the expansion. Everything I’ve been able to find so far, which includes all vendors and faction recipes in the first 3 zones (Hellfire Peninsula, Zangarmarsh, Terrokar Forest) as well as new trainer recipes up to 330. There are also some epic drops I found on the auction =)

What is not included is a large number of specialty recipes that are trainer-based. Blizzard has added a bunch of new BOP recipes for smiths only, which you learn from the trainer at 350+. There are new weapons for each branch of weaponsmithing, as well as a bunch of armor. Since I cannot train all these recipes, I can’t very well add them to my database either. So we’re still debating how to handle this… but meanwhile I posted up everything I have so far:

Crafter’s Tome Blacksmithing Recipe List

Let me know if any of you other beta folks out there have recipes that I should add, just send me a screenshot of the recipe detail.


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