Ding Ding – 2 toons hit 62!!

Tonight both Korlyn and Kaliope hit level 62 – yay!  I’ve chosen not to level up Kayree (tank) or Krystella (rogue) because they both require the same ore that Korlyn is mining.  So she just splits it 3 ways instead of me trying to keep up with 4x the quests/grinding/etc.

I also found a ton of new quests at the Cenarion Refuge tonite, apparently if you don’t do all of the first wave it locks you out of a number of additional quests.  So I sent both my girls out to work on them for xp and rep.  The more quests you do for a given outpost, the easier it is to gain faction with that group.  Most of the quests reward 250 rep each, so it can rack up quickly.  Tonite I also got Kaliope to Neutral with Sporeggar, so she was able to access the Quartermaster there and view his recipes.  Right now he only sells two Cooking recipes and two Alchemy.  The cute part is, you can buy items from him for mushrooms instead of gold.  You simply collect mushrooms that are scattered around the western portion of Zangarmarsh and purchase goods with them.  Apparently the Sporeggar-ites really like their shrooms!

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