Leatherworking 325-330

Ok, just five points, I know it’s lame. But at 325 you can buy the recipe for Heavy Knothide Leather, so that’s kind of a landmark. Heavy Knothide Leather is the last new leather type we get, other than specialty leathers. So theoretically at this point you could power all the way to 375 if you had enough knothide leather.

At 330 you get two new recipes for the Thick Draenic Vest and the Wild Draenish Vest. The Thick Draenic set is feral/rogue stats and the Wild Draenish set is a Druid set. These two recipes are the final items in both sets, so another landmark of sorts. Plus the fact that I’ve written all my other crafts up to 330 and I’m trying to keep the posts even ;P

Once you hit 330, the only recipes you’ll have that are still orange are the two vests above and the Scaled Draenic Vest learned at 325. Which means it takes 12-15 pieces of leather to make one item now, kind of a drag if you’re still getting mostly leather scraps like me. I think I need to be skinning the 63-64 mobs for the full leather pieces, but I’m not quite high enough for that yet. I’m hoping to hit 62 tonite or tomorrow, it should be easier to move up the chain then.

I really think the big issue for most crafters is going to be faction. All the good recipes are faction-based, from what I’m seeing. Which includes the crafted armor with slots. So you won’t be able to make the really nice stuff until you get your faction up to Honored or Revered with a particular group. There are a few recipes at Friendly, but this is spotty and can’t be counted on. In a way I think this might be a good thing, that the super rich players can’t power up to 375 the first week and devalue all the crafted goods. On the other hand faction grinding is a pita, so I guess we’ll just have to see how it all plays out.

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