JC 330-340: No more guaranteed points for Jou!

Well I just got to 340 this morning and I have some bad news. I don’t see any way to progress beyond this point without moving up to the next type of ore: Adamantite. There is very little of this kind of ore in the first two zones, Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh. I’m guessing you’ll need to be in your mid-60s to mine adamantite regularly. None of my girls are at that stage yet, so once again my progress will be slower.

I got to 340 by continuing to cut yellow gem recipes – these were golden draenite and shadow draenite. They can be prospected from fel iron ore, so there should be no problem getting to 340 pretty quickly once you hit the expansion zones. Beyond that I’m pretty sure you’d have to be high enough level to hang out in the tougher areas, although I suppose you could buy ore from the auction.

I see no new recipes on the auction at this point either, the next wave seems to kick in around 350. I believe there are others that are faction based which are in the 335-345 range, but again if you’re not adventuring you can’t gain faction to buy them. Right now the only recipes I have that aren’t green to me are the Heavy Adamantite Ring and the Thick Adamantite Necklace, which both rely exclusively on Adamantite for the components. One of them would take 24 adamantite ore to make, the other 22 ore. This is because they each require Mercurial Adamantite, which is made from the dust that is produced from prospecting. You’d need to prospect 20 adamantite to get enough dust for 1 mercurial adamantite, thus the high numbers for each piece of jewelry.

I’m actually rather surprised that I was able to get this far with a level 60 toon. When I first arrived in the Outlands, I thought I’d hit a wall sooner of how high I’d be able to progress in Jewelcrafting without leveling as well. So really I’m pleased to hit even 340. I may yet be able to move beyond this level, we’ll see how Korlyn does with her mining…

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