Blacksmithing 315-330

No exciting news here, I just keep plugging away every day mining ore. Then I send some to Krystella for Jewelcrafting and keep some for Korlyn to level her smithing. It’s kind of slow progress for both of them, but they are both at 330 now.

Smithing is pretty straightforward here, I just make new pieces of armor and get skill points. So far my recipes have only required Fel Iron Bars, with the exception of the Enchanted Thorium Blades which used thorium, enchanted thorium and rugged leather. But those have turned out to be a good seller for me, actually. I’m kinda bummed that I didn’t bring more dream dust with Kayree (chanter) so I could crank out more of those. They are a thrown weapon with an Agility and attack power bonus.

The chain and plate armor I’m making seems to sell reasonably well also. I think the mail recipes are kind of a mixed blessing, they have +STA and +INT, which I think might be a turn-off for some hunters. They do have a nice +Attack Power equip bonus, but I think some hunters see any STA/INT gear as shammy armor and avoid it. I’ve been wearing this stuff on my hunter and I like it.

For the most part leveling Smithing to 330 has been a matter of how much Fel Iron you can collect. I did get a couple of new weapon recipes, but they require more ore so I’ve been making the armor instead to make the most of the ore I have.


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