Enchanting 300-310

I know, I’ve given Chanters the shaft with my blog posts. But surely you all know by now that Enchanting is the worst profession to level. This is magnified in the expansion by the fact that all the new recipes you learn will require expansion components. Which you cannot acquire unless you DE expansion drops (sometimes). So it has taken me awhile to collect enough mats to do much of anything.

When you DE the green drops in BC, sometimes you get illusion dust and sometimes you get the new ‘arcane dust’. I suspect there’s a level break in there somewhere, but I haven’t quite figured out what it is. I’m only getting 2-3 dust per item I DE, and the cheapest recipe is 6 arcane dust. So you’d have to DE at least 10 green items to get enough arcane dust for 5 skill points. Assuming you get all arcane dust and no illusion dust… as you can see it’s a tough road.

Well I’ve been sending most of my green drops from Korlyn and Kaliope to Kayree for disenchanting, so she’s finally got a decent quantity of mats to work with. I actually did the first five points with my existing materials, I enchanted myself in a few slots that I’d been neglecting. At 300 we only get 3 new recipes:

Bracers: Assault (+24 attack power)
Chest: Restore Mana Prime (+6 mana/5 seconds)
Runed Fel Iron Rod: Next chanting rod

As you can see, only two of these recipes can be used for grinding points. Depending on what materials you end up with, you can do the bracer chant with all dust or the chest one if you have some planar essence and not so much dust.

At 305 we get three more recipes:

Bracer: Brawn (+12 strength)
Bracer: Major Intellect (+12 intellect)
Gloves: Blasting (+10 spell crit rating)

Of these three the ‘Brawn’ one is dust only, so you can use that one for skill points.

Once you get to 310, you actually get 4 new trainer recipes and one vendor recipe. Sadly, the vendor recipe is yellow to you as soon as you learn it, clearly Blizz does not want to cut us chanters a break and give us a good skill-up recipe. But it should still be a good money maker since it’s a new Mana Oil (+14 mana/5 sec) . So at 310 skill you get:

Cloak: Greater Agility (+12 agility)
Cloak: Major Armor (+120 AC)
Gloves: Assault (+26 attack power)
Shield: Tough Shield (+18 block)
Superior Mana Oil (+14 mana/5 sec) vendor recipe

Of these you can use the AC chant or the attack power one for skill points, they both use only 8 arcane dust. I’m really annoyed about the shield chant though, it requires 10 Primal Earth. To me this is outrageous compared to the other recipes. Primal Earth isn’t that hard to come by, but 10 of them surely is. This would require you to harvest 100 Motes of Earth, which I don’t think I’ve gotten the whole time I’ve been mining. Considering my mining is at 375 and I’ve gathered enough ore to get Korlyn and Krystella to 330 in their professions, this seems to be an unfairly high bar to set for us tanks finally getting a decent shield chant. Grrrr!!!

Ok, I’m done griping about my tank not getting enough chanty love. I actually have enough materials to go another 5 points in Enchanting, but they just brought the beta servers down so that will have to wait until next time.


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  1. Spexy Says:

    Sorry for being a total BC noob, not in the beta and having a hard time finding any useful info (which I why I stopped by here, you seem to check
    this shit out thoroughly).

    Is grinding up on Brilliant Mana Oil impossible?

    And on that note, is the superior mana oil really superior to the brilliant mana oil, 14mana/5 compared to 12mana/5 with +25 healing?
    Well, since I just want my renew to tick for as much as possible I will refrain from being superior :)

  2. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Spexy – I don’t see any reason you couldn’t grind skill points on the Brilliant Mana Oil recipe, as long as you had enough mats. Personally I’d prefer to do that rather than having to enchant things, but my chanter has never been to ZG and doesn’t have the Brilliant Mana Oil recipe. So more power 2 ya, start stockpiling!

    As for the Brilliant vs Superior Mana Oil, I think the 12 mana/5sec with +25 heal is better than +14 mana/5 sec. On my trusty wowwiki stat chart, I see that 2 spirit is equal to 1 mana/5sec (we’ll skip the casting limitations for this comparison). Whereas 25 heal bonus is equal to 6.75 INT on each heal you cast (again skipping limitations on this). If it were me I’d take the extra 6+ int per heal over the 4 spirit’s worth of mana regen. I’m of the same mind as you in that I’d prefer to beef up my heals so I expend less mana in the first place.

  3. Spexy Says:

    Thanks! I did not expect, but could not count out, that all old recpies were gray from 300, so I am glad to hear that my stockpile of LBS are not going to be worthless.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Spexy: Actually, all the recipes that are orange and yellow to you now will be exactly the same in BC. So you can review your current recipe list and collect mats for those items to power up when you get the expansion. I got my first five points that way and also a few more today to nudge up to 320. Some of the old recipes are still yellow @ 320 even, including most of the faction recipes (15 AGI, FR to Cloak, etc). So go ahead and save up 10-20 points worth of mats from the old recipes, it won’t be wasted.

  5. Nonnobis Says:

    Thanks for all the great information you’ve gathered here! I’m trolling around the web tonight, making sure I have mats that my daughter and I will need to grind up our proffs, and found your blog.

    I have heard rumors that arcane crystals are no longer DE-able for arcane dust. I have a few stacks saved for future enchants, and wonder if you know whether they are still useful for that purpose.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Hi Nonn, glad you’re finding the site helpful. I had a couple of arcane crystals that i found while collecting thorium for my jewelcrafter to prospect. I sent them to my chanter to test this theory that won’t seem to die about being able to DE arcane crystals. Once when I first arrived in beta (about 3 weeks ago) and again a week or two later. I have never been able to DE one of these.

    I just now tested it again… just for you =). Not only can you *not* DE them, but now Blizz has added a tooltip to the DE action that says “cannot disenchant” when you hover over one with the DE cursor (or any other non-DE item for that matter).

    I’m guessing that this rumor must be based on the fact that the new dust is named “Arcane Dust” and Thottbot has a listing for arcane crystals in their Enchanting recipes. In actuality you acquire it by DEing 60+ expansion greens. I keep meaning to do a chart and figure out exactly what the break point is for illusion dust vs arcane. But I believe it’s either the normal 61-70 or it may be purely expansion gear only.

    Since we’re only a few weeks from release, I highly doubt that arcane crystals will play a new part in Enchanting. The best thing I can propose is to start crafting other expansion gear when you get in BC and DE that stuff for your arcane dust. I’ve been sending crafted leather and plate to my chanter and that works just fine for dust and the new essences.

    I’m so wordy here… sounds like I need a new blog post!! ;)

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