BC Mining to 375

Yes, I got my mining up to 375 yesterday – woot! The Fel Iron can be mined all the way to 375, it’s still green. For some reason I was unable to get the last two points by mining Fel Iron, but luckily I found a couple of Adamantite nodes that pushed me over the top. Adamantite is the next level of ore after Fel Iron. I haven’t actually used this stuff in any recipes yet, since my Smithing is still at 330 and the Adamantite recipes appear to kick in around 335.

The last type of ore you can mine, which requires 375 mining, is Khorium. This seems to be a rare ore (the name is green, not white), although I’ve seen a few nodes of it in Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh. So I can’t say if it’s rare everywhere or just rare in the two noobish zones I’ve been frequenting. There’s also a rare ore called Eternium, which I’ve found even less of. It seems to sometimes spawn as it’s own node and sometimes drop as a bonus ore from a regular node. I got two early on as bonus drops and a few days ago saw a node of Eternium itself that I mined.

I’m really not sure what level is required for Adamantite or Eternium, by the time I found them I was able to mine them. I’m guessing that Adamantite kicks in around the mid 300 (since that’s when the recipes start) and I have no clue on Eternium since it’s a rare.


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  1. Brad Says:

    Another picking of your vastly experienced brain. In your experience in BC thus far, which radar requiring gathering skill do you think is more profitable ? Mining, to take advantage of the thousands of Jewelcrafting Drenai Shamans that will no doubt be created in the first week, or herbalism ?

    (PS. Did I mention what a great source of information you provide ?)

  2. kaliope Says:

    Hmm, that’s an interesting question. Off the top of my head I’d say mining, since we’re about to have 3 professions dependent on it. The main problem with this will be that fifty million other folks will be competing for the same nodes, so it will be harder to collect ore unless you can do it during an off-peak time of day. I know I’ve had more difficulty finding ore during peak game hours, even on the beta server when there’s only 50-100 people in a zone at a given time.

    Which would seem to point to Herbalism as the more desirable gathering profession since there will be less competition for resources. And I can say that I *have* seen more herbs lying around at pretty much any time of day compared with ore. The downside of this option is that presumably there are less Alchemists than there are Smiths/Engineering/Jewelcrafters, so your target audience is much smaller. That combined with the fact that most Alchemists are surely herbalists as well, meaning you’ll only be selling to the lazy, short-handed and desperate, or guild leaders.

    I wish I had a more solid answer here, but I was unable to take my Alchemist with me to the beta server (he’s only 39, just high enough to max the craft). So I haven’t been able to explore the herb/alchie content as I would have liked. I did a quick survey of the auctions and saw that a stack of herbs seemed to be priced at about double the value of a stack of ore. Whether this means anything in terms of max income, who knows.

    If it were me I’d go for the ore and try to take advantage of the glut of new crafters. But if you’re not in a position to mine during off-peak hours that may not be an option for you. This is probably just a judgement call each player has to make given their own situation.

  3. Keron Says:

    Adamantite is mineable starting at 325 Skill, rich Adamantite starting from 350 Mining. just f.y.i.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for letting us know about that Keron, unfortunately I once again did not keep tabs on this with my miner. Ore has been in such shortage on my server that I’m happy to find anything at all :)

  5. Iggy Says:

    Fel Iron can be mined around the portal in Hellfire. There are no mobs to fight and the spawn rate is very quick. I can get about 40-60 ore’s in an hour to and hour and a half. (this may change soon as more and more people are finding how easy it is to get fel iron back there)

  6. kaliope Says:

    Hi Iggy, thanks for commenting. We actually have this tip listed on another topic, but it’s probably good to post it here as well :)

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