and the wave has passed us by…

I had lots of new content I wanted to post these past couple of days, but with the influx of new visitors to the Jewelcrafting list, I dared not push the post off the front page <lol>. That seems to have waned now, so I’m going ahead and putting some new posts in the Smithing, Mining and Enchanting categories. I also have a Fishing update, but maybe I’ll save it for tomorrow. Don’t forget to leave comments for me if you have a question about what I’ve posted or there’s something I didn’t post that you are curious about (with regard to beta).

If you are looking for Jewelcrafting, you can click the “Jewelcrafting” link in the right side menu to read my posts or go straight to the recipe list on Crafter’s Tome.

On a completely different note, my blog was #1 yesterday on WordPress’s Growing Blogs list, for blogs that have the greatest traffic gains in a 24-hour period.  Woot!!

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