Leatherworking 300 – 325

Coming into BC, I had a number of orange recipes at 300 leatherworking. Most of them I had no desire to mass produce (faction recipes, etc). Some of the Wicked leather and Runic leather pieces were still orange also, so I just picked the least offensive one and started cranking. This turned out to be the Wicked Leather Belt (14x rugged leather, 2x black dye, 2x rune thread). This recipe actually stays orange until you hit 320 (then it goes yellow), so you could power up 20 points just on this one item. I didn’t do that because there were a couple of items I wanted to make myself and my rogue, but after release I probably will.

At 320 the first wave of new recipes are already green to me and the ones I learned at 310 are yellow. The only orange ones are the 315 and 320 recipes, which require more knothide leather (minimum of 10 per recipe) . I’m still getting predominantly scrap leather, so it takes a couple of hours of killing to collect even one stack of usable leather. I try to run around and skin the critters I find laying around also, but that doesn’t add up to much really. I would still highly suggest powering yourself up to 320 with rugged leather recipes and save any new leather you collect for the 320+ recipes. If you went with the Wicked Leather Belt recipe, you’d need 14 stacks of rugged leather to gain 20 skill points. The rune thread and dye you can obviously purchase from a vendor. As professions go in TBC I think leatherworking is probably the simplest one in terms of collecting materials for the expansion.


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