JC 300-320: Bye-bye Exodar. Honor Hold here I come!

Now that I’m at 300 I can leave my post in The Exodar and head for Honor Hold. The Grand Master Jewelcrafting trainer is in the Honor Hold Inn, so this will be my new home :) It should be no surprise that progress is going to slow down. I’m mostly dependent upon Outland components at this point, and if you’ve been following my mining posts, you know how hard it is to get ore in mass quantities.

Aside from the lack of ore to prospect for gems, getting points post-300 has been easier than the 275-300 part. Tatiana (my trainer) sells recipes for various gem cuts, and I’ve been using those for skill points. Assuming this availability doesn’t change after release, it would be possible for Jewelcrafters to focus on cutting gems for people in order to skill up. From what I’m seeing it’s not really necessary to make jewelry, there are cutting recipes that go all the way up to 375 skill (as their minimum level requirement).

I got lucky a couple of days ago and had someone asking in general chat for a Jewelcrafter to cut some gems for him. I got some free skill points and he gave me 4+ stacks of thorium ore as a tip! So that was pretty cool =)

Right now I’m sitting at 320 from the various gems I’ve cut and most of my recipes have gone green on me (the cut recipes @ 300 skill). I’ve been noodling around on the auction house and I’ve actually been able to purchase some gems for a reasonable price. I just got half a dozen today for 1-2 gold each, not bad considering I’m reselling them for 5 gold apiece.

So other than the shortage of ore, things are going pretty well at this point. Right now the only questionable range I’m seeing is right at 320. The gem cutting recipes are all green @ 320 except one, and there’s only one orange jewelry recipe that I have currently. It uses three gems, so in a way I’d almost prefer to use the one yellow cut gem recipe I have instead of wasting 3 gems for a guaranteed point.

Of course, I still haven’t made it to all the various zones that might be harbouring new recipes for the 310-320 range. It’s possible that there are recipes for this particular gap and I just haven’t found them yet. I’m working on my Jewelcrafting recipe list for Crafter’s Tome, I hope to have it up tonight or tomorrow at the latest. Stay tuned!


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