Ding!! First toon hits 61 – woot!!

I finally got my first character to level 61 after my first week of expansion time. Korlyn is now level 61 – hurray! I had to put in about 3 hours of game time to get her through the last 30% of the level, I believe I completed about 10 quests during that time.

I also realized for the first time tonight that there are faction recipes from Honor Hold. Apparently Korlyn doesn’t qualify for any of them yet since she is only Friendly atm. There are other professions that can purchase at Friendly, but apparently Blacksmithing isn’t one of them. Booo Blizz!! I’ll try to get these recipes added to my site in the next week if I can.

Another neat discovery I made is that the feedback submission system in Beta tracks your completed quests. I’ve always wanted something like this, so I was having a blast calculating how many quests I’d done so far. I think I counted over 30 quests in my log for the week, and that was before I’d finished for the night. I think we can safely say that you can expect to do 30-35 quests to complete your first level in TBC, depending on how much grinding you do (I personally hate grinding XP). The bad part is that I don’t think this feature is going to be in the release version, but I sent them a feedback BEGGING them to add it.

Just one more note for those of you that I know are madly calculating XP rates in your heads. I did all my leveling with rested XP, I switched to another toon when Korlyn ran out. I also did 30 or so quests, which grant an average of 9000 xp. So this took about 9-10 hours of actual playtime, plus 250-300k of quest XP and 100% rested bonus. The total XP required for 60-61 is 581700. Don’t forget that this may or may not be representative of the XP progression after release.


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