Engineering 300-320

I’m being a bit misleading here because… well I’m a gnome. So I came into BC with 314 engineering. The upside of not getting that last point was that I was able to see exactly which recipes went yellow/green at 315. This is useful because when a recipe first turns yellow you can often eek another 3-4 skill points out of it before moving on to something else.

The first thing I opted to do was make thorium shells. They were still yellow to me and cheap to make. I made about 2 dozen of them and got myself to 319 Engineering. Unfortunately this recipe and the thorium tube went green at 315, which is why I had to make so many just to get 4 more skill points. That’s ok, I had a few stacks of thorium and dense stone that were going to be useless to me anyway.

Once you hit 315+ you pretty much need to use expansion components. Unless of course you want to mass produce Tranquil Mechanical Yetis or Delicate Arcanite Converters. The yeti recipe is still orange to me at 323 skill, the converter is yellow. I didn’t bother to monitor when it turned yellow since I can’t imagine the average person wanting to grind those for skill points.

So at 319 I switched to new recipes, here are the first ones you get:

300 – Elemental Blasting Powder
300 – Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
300 – Fel Iron Casing
300 – Fel Iron Bomb
310 – Fel Iron Shells
320 – Fel Iron Musket

At 323 the Fel Iron Shells and the Fel Iron musket are still orange, the rest went yellow at 315 and green at 320. Once again I ran out of fel iron ore, even though I collected another 2 dozen this morning. So I’ll have to wait to move past 325…


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