Mining Fel Iron… an update

This morning I got up bright an early (8:30 PST) and headed for Hellfire Peninsula. I wanted to get a jump on the gatherers and see if I could collect some Fel Iron before the server got crowded. Luckily my timing was good, I did a couple of passes around Honor Hold and found a few nodes of Fel Iron nearby. At one point I wandered all the way west past Falcon Watch and found a few more nodes, but the aggro there is worse for a level 60 noob (that would be me, rofl).

I wandered back toward Honor Hold and found a couple more nodes near the buzzards in the Valley of Bones. The nodes of ore don’t seem plentiful out here, as compared to the number of spawns of regular iron ore in the Badlands, but the respawn time is decent. I think I ended up with close to 30 ore, not too bad for a 90 minute session. Comparable to thorium in terms of farmability, from what I saw today. At this point it was close to 11am server time and I could see more players milling about so I decided to head back to town.

One more note, I was able to collect a handful of fire motes and one earth mote while I was mining, I also got 3 gems. So it would appear that the drop rate for motes is 10-20% and gems is around 10% as well. This seems to be in line with Thottbot’s data as well, at least on the mote side. Again, I can’t say that this will continue after release, but I certainly hope so for the Jewelcrafters’ sake.


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  1. Ryan Chester Says:

    “The nodes don’t seem plentiful out here, as they are in the Badlands” is there really fel iron in badlands???? please reply i’m very curious if i can get a jump on the fel iron gun.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Rofl, you got me there Ryan… there’s no fel iron in the Badlands. I was attempting to make a comparison between the number of ore nodes in Hellfire Peninsula vs the Badlands. Clearly I need to clarify this post and be more specific, I’m sure once BC is released I’ll get a ton of ppl yelling at me for telling them they could find fel iron in the Badlands ;)

  3. Ryan Chester Says:

    oh ok gotchya I was probably just confused because I’m not a miner and i have to get my lackeys to gather the ore for me. Thanks for the response :)

  4. kaliope Says:

    Hey, no problem I’m just glad you pointed it out. I had my hubbie read it and he agreed it was a bit confusing (he’s not a WoW person). So I went ahead and changed the post to be more clear about what I was comparing. I think my comment was probably only meaningful to miners who’ve farmed the Badlands before. That info probably wasn’t terribly helpful to the folks who haven’t experienced the joy of rushing from node to node ahead of the other five people farming the same spots you are

  5. aromar Says:

    Fel Iron nodes are plentiful in Hellfire Peninsula, even a level 1 toon could farm the major spot (if they could get through the portal). Have you ever tried looking in the vast area behind the Dark Portal? No mobs + a lot of ore = happiness :p Unfortunately it’s catching on now so there are times where you won’t find any due to heavy farming but I regularly do a 10 min run and end up with a couple of stacks of ore.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Actually, we had a post on our forums a couple of weeks ago about that same spot. I’ve been visiting regularly and I have yet to have the same kind of luck you’ve had with it. I was there for about 20 minutes this morning and got just one stack of fel iron. Usually there’s at least one other person there, so that probably contributes to the lower quantities. Even so, it’s still a relatively calm place to collect ore. Definitely worth a visit for those who haven’t tried it yet :)

  7. wolfeye Says:

    ROFL 30 ore in 90 minutes??WTF you consider that good ?I got 3 stacks of adamantite and 2 and a half of fel iron in barely an hour not to mention motes of earth and fire and a few gems.
    Ofcourse i am not farming Hellfire Peninsula … That is noobish in farming terms.

  8. kaliope Says:

    Wolfeye: This post is quite dated, I wrote it during the BC beta and shortly afterward. If you’ll notice, my last comment was from 1 month after release, so it’s referring to the time frame when everyone was in Hellfire and ore was so overfarmed you could run the whole zone and collect less than a stack of ore. Of course it’s noobish, we were all noobs at that point ;)

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