JC 200-300: Thorium & the big ugly of high end gems

Ugh, what do I say about Artisan Jewelcrafting. It got ugly, really ugly. Well, let’s just start from the top and work our way down, shall we?

From 200-210 you’ll probably want to make either:

Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing – 1x citrine, 2x elemental water, 2x mithril bar
Golden Ring of Power – 4x gold bar, 1x lesser moonstone, 1x jade, 1x citrine

I went for the healing ring since the mats were easier to collect in quantity. Both of these recipes turn yellow at 210 so you can either ride them out or switch to another recipe for a guaranteed point. I eeked a couple more points from the heal ring, up to 212 and then moved on.

Next I made 5 Jade Owl Figurines, I didn’t want to go too crazy with those since they are BOP. They use 4x jade, 2x truesilver, 4x vision dust and 4x mithril filigree . This brought me up to 217 skill. After that I made 3 Aquamarine Signets which use 3x aquamarines and 4x flask of mojo.

At 220 you can either do:

Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior – 1x aquamarine, 2x flask of mojo, 1x mithril filigree
Aquamarine Signet – 3x aquamarine, 4x flask of mojo

Since I still had some mojo and aquamarines left, I switched to the warrior pendant. You could stick with the signets if you want, but the random enchantment was kind of annoying me, I hate being stuck with a lackluster item. I rode the warrior pendant to 225 when I was able to train the next stone statue recipe.

At 225 you also need to learn Artisan Jewelcrafting, if you haven’t already. The nice thing about hanging out in the Draenei city is that you can keep visiting the same trainer all the way from 1-300 skill. I pretty much just camped out there the whole time, except for my thorium adventure which I’m coming to shortly. I had about 3 stacks of dense stone so I used that to get to 230.

I wasn’t too worried about squeezing tons of points from the stone recipe because at 225 you also get the recipe for Thorium Settings. I was pretty confident I could get a nice boost from that, and I had a good amount of thorium as well. Thorium settings go yellow at 235, but you’ll need lots of them for your jewelry anyway so there’s no harm in making 20-30 of them. I think I made about 30 and I got up to 245 skill.

At 245 you can do either:

Red Ring of Destruction – 1x star ruby, 1x citrine, 1x thorium setting (yellow @ 255)
Ruby Pendant of Fire – 1x star ruby, 1x thorium setting (yellow @ 260)

I only made five of these because I thought the stats on them were pretty unimpressive (i.e. hard to sell) and I didn’t want to waste all my rubies when I knew they’d be needed later on.

At 250 you can make:

Truesilver Healing Ring – 2x truesilver, 4x heart of the wild (yellow @ 265)

I thought the materials for this ring were much easier on the pocketbook and the stats were slightly better (+24 heals) than the previous two items (+9 crit rating or +16 fire spells). So I just cranked those puppies out for awhile, the recipe goes yellow at 265. For a stack of truesilver and 2 stacks of heart of the wild you can get 10 skill points, pretty good at this stage of the game. Any combination of the last three recipes should be enough to get you to 265 skill points, as long as you make sure the last five are the truesilver ring.

At 265 you can start making Simple Opal Rings or the Diamond Focus Band. You’ve also officially crossed into the ugly zone. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had more than a handful of any of these high end gems. You will need lots in order to keep going from here on out. Odds are you’ll have to prospect for most of them, which makes it difficult to plan ahead what you’re going to make. Here are the options:

Simple Opal Ring – 2x large opal, 1x thorium setting, 2x thorium bar (yellow @ 280)
Sapphire Signet – 4x blue sapphire, 2x truesilver, 1x thorium setting (yellow @ 285)
Diamond Focus Band – 1x azerothian diamond, 1x thorium setting (yellow @ 285)

I started out making the diamond rings since I had more diamonds than opals and you only need one diamond per ring. Once you get to 285 skill all of these recipes will be yellow to you. The remaining recipes to get to 300 are even worse in terms of materials:

Glowing Thorium Band: 2x azerothian diamond, 1x thorium bar, 1x thorium setting
Onslaught Ring: 8x thorium bar, 2x powerful mojo, 2x essence of earth

I had very little in the way of essences and my supply of gems was meager as well, so I just continued using the sapphire signet and diamond band. They were still yellow to me, but even with a few wasted tries I still ended up using less costly materials overall. Basically I just hung out in Winterspring and farmed thorium, prospected it, and made whichever ring I could from the gems I got (opal/diamond/sapphire). I saved all the emeralds for the final push =)

Finally, after prospecting about 70 ore I ended up with enough gems to get me from 285-295. Once I hit 295 I was able to pretty much nail 300 no problem because I had enough emeralds by that time to make:

Emerald Lion Ring – 2x emerald, 1x thorium bar, 1x thorium setting

And there you have it. As for the ugly, that’s pretty much the 285-295 window. If you don’t have 10 azerothian diamonds or 10 essence of earth on you, you are basically at the mercy of the yellow recipes. On top of that, I was pretty much tapped out of diamonds and opals by the time I got to 285, and down to just a few sapphires. So I was at the mercy of the prospecting gods in addition to the fickle yellow skill points.

I ended up prospecting about 200 thorium ore for the bulk of the gems that I used. Unless you have vast quantities of gems, you can probably expect to do about the same. I suspect the adventure is just beginning though… next stop Fel Iron!

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  1. KaƱy Says:

    Thank you for the whole so useful guide, I have come in a meeting of crafting to 300 in jewel, also to say that already got the materials and it was very easy to follow the steps

  2. Muh Says:

    Thanks a whole lot for this guide, im not done with it yet, but its really good and informative ;) though had to do some other stuff because AH on my realm keeps getting empty on the stuff you suggest :D

  3. kaliope Says:

    Don’t feel bad, I had to farm my own flasks of mojo too! I waited too long and was unable to buy them for a decent price. Such is life, heh.

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