First Aid 300-350

As promised, I powered up my First Aid with Kayree (tank) after she was copied to the beta server. I had 8 stacks of runecloth that I’d saved up from my various toons, so I felt confident about my ability to zoom through First Aid.

First, I needed to visit the First Aid vendor and purchase the book. Unlike most of the Master level trainers, this guy is not in Honor Hold. You have to travel to the Temple of Telhamat to find him. It’s really not too far, just follow the main road west and take a side path north a bit and the temple is right there. Burko is in a small hut on the left side of the second set of stairs as you approach the temple. He also sells the manuals for Netherweave bandages and Heavy Netherweave bandages. Luckily I planned ahead and saved all my netherweave for Kayree and mailed it all to her when she arrived on the beta server, so she had that to play with when the runecloth ran out.

As soon as I had my books, I kicked off the bandage frenzy. I started with Runecloth bandages, which were green to me, but I wasn’t sure how green they were so I decided to give it a shot. Unfortunately I only got a point every 4-5 bandages, so I decided to abandon that approach. Next step – Heavy Runecloth. This recipe was already yellow to me, but I had tons of runecloth left so I was hoping to make a good dent on the skill points with it. I started cranking away, but I didn’t get terribly far. Heavy Runecloth went green at 320, so far this wasn’t going as well as Cooking had. Nevertheless, I kept going… if nothing else it will take up less space as heavy runecloth bandages, right? Sadly, my runecloth gave out on me around 335, the recipe was still green but my stash was depleted. In the end I had made 9 runecloth bandages and 75 heavy runecloth bandages and only made it to 335 skill. Sigh.

I still had the Netherweave bandage recipe and about three dozen pieces of cloth so I decided to see how far I’d get. This recipe can be learned at 330, but I had no idea how quickly it would green out on me. So I got to work and cranked out 36 netherweave bandages and I’m currently sitting at 357 skill. I’m guessing that 2.5 – 3 stacks of netherweave would safely see you to the next bandage recipe, which kicks in at 360. I guess now I need to kill some things and take their cloth!


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  1. Maestros De Ceremonias Says:

    Hi there,

    amazing blog, thx so much but all ur work that do here, one question…
    do u know where are the vendors at horde side?

  2. kaliope Says:

    Wow, you got me there ! I have not researched the Horde vendors, other than using a noob Blood Elf to find the Jewelcrafting trainer in Silvermoon City. Unfortunately I don’t have any high level Horde toons to help me manually locate the NPCs on the other side of the fence. I may have to rely on Thottbot and WowWiki for that :(

    But I do plan to add them to my location listings, just haven’t finished cataloguing all the recipes yet. Luckily many of the new vendors are neutral or faction based, which means either side can gain access to them.

  3. Maestros De Ceremonias Says:

    Thx for ur soon answer.
    Then u mean that, are u going to make a location list with all new recipes?

  4. kaliope Says:

    Yes, one of the things I’d like to get done before release is catalog all the Horde vendors and add them to the database. I’m not sure I’ll get to it, but they will definitely be added to the location listings as soon as I can work it in. As it is I’m considering halting all leveling so I can finish the recipe listings before beta goes live.

    Right now my main task is to finish all the vendor recipes I can access and add them to Crafter’s Tome. Amazingly I’ve only added maybe 2/3rds of the vendor recipes in BC. I also need to catalog all the trainer recipes for leather, tailor, enchanting, engineering and alchemy. So there’s still a ton of content left to do, I think Hordie locations will probably be next in line after all the recipes are in the database.

    I actually spent an hour or so yesterday trying to find a definitive list of BC Horde trainers for you yesterday and I can understand your frustration because there doesn’t seem to be such a thing :(

  5. kaliope Says:

    Ok, I did some additional digging and also a stealth mission with my 65 druid to find some of the Hordie trainers and I’ve got a list in the works. I will post it in the blog later tonite!

  6. Terbius Says:

    I have been buying stacks of runecloth in anticipation of BC. I have about 200 stacks. hopefully the price spikes as everybody needs them to raise up their skill.

  7. kaliope Says:

    I think you’re probably right about that. I heard lots of begging for runecloth donations on the beta server. Most people will probably underestimate how much they need and will get impatient for the new bandages. You should have no trouble selling runecloth – in fact if you want to be really creative you could just camp the Inn and spam the General chat channel like an enchanter =) Doing that you could probably charge even more money since there’s no auction nearby for people to buy from.

    Runecloth actually does drop off the new mobs, I guess at about a 50/50 ratio with netherweave. But from what I saw most players did not have the patience to slowly level FA as they received runecloth. It does get a bit tedious on the last 10 points because Heavy Runecloth bandages go green on you and you’ll only get a point for every 3-4 you make.

    So good luck and have fun out there!

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