Blacksmithing 300-315

Ok, I’m fibbing a bit here. I only got to 311 this morning, but since I’m assuming no recipes will change before 315 I’m just counting it anyway :P

I brought some thorium bars with me, so I decided to get as many points as I could before I dipped into my precious fel iron stock. Luckily I had an enchanter with me, so I had her create 6 enchanted Thorium bars to use in my first expansion recipe “Enchanted Thorium Blades”. This is a thrown weapon with +6 agility which uses 6 thorium bars, 2 enchanted thorium bars and 1 rugged leather. So I made three of these before I ran out of enchanted thorium. Clearly I should have planned better and brought a bigger stash of dream dust! This recipe is still orange at 311 so you could probably crank out at least 15 of these with non-expansion mats if you want to power up your smithing.

Another option is the Imperial Plate set, which is what I did next. The helm, boots, chest and leggings are all still orange at 311. It takes more thorium than the blades, but you can get by with no extra mats if that’s easier for you. I made several pairs of boots before I ran out of thorium, but I’m sure this could easily be used up to 315 skill.

After that I made a few fel iron items. When you first visit the trainer in Honor Hold, he gives you 2 plate recipes and 2 mail recipes. I made myself a Fel Iron Chain Coif (382AC, 33 STA, 21 INT, 42 attack power) since I wasn’t real happy with the helm I had. There is also a pair of Fel Iron Chain Gloves, but they require level 61 which I am not. Instead I made a few pairs of Fel Iron Plate Gloves (524AC, 24 STR, 21 STA) which also require level 61. I sent one pair to my tank and the rest are going up on the auction. I actually have enough fel iron to make one more item, but since it was obvious that I wasn’t going to hit 315 I decided to wait and collect more ore.

I should mention that both of these new armor pieces are part of a set. The plate set has 5 pieces and gives a +150AC bonus for 2 and +20 defense for 4 of the set. The mail set has 4 pieces and gives a +14 crit bonus for 2 and +8 mana/5 sec for 4 pieces of the set. I hope that the ability to make set armor increases the marketability of blacksmithing armor vs loot drops.

Another thing smiths should be aware of, in order to smelt fel iron in bars you’ll need 2 ores for each bar. In the early stages of smithing, Blizz seems to have eased the burden by having recipes require only 4 bars of fel iron, but at some point that will ramp up. So be prepared to do a lot of mining to support your crafting.


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  1. Coach Says:

    I would like to add that the Imperial Plate chest will help you from having to use FelIron Bars untill lvl 320- the chest needs ThoriumBarx20 to create now :) Just letting ppl know.

  2. Lutorius Says:

    Unfortunately the amount of thorium in the world still needs to be fixed as there is almost none. You have to ride around EPL and Burning Steppes for a couple of hours just to get 20 bars.

  3. kaliope Says:

    If you are on a high population server the good ore (including Outland ore) is heavily camped during peak and semi-peak hours. The way I was able to collect the bulk of my thorium was to take my rogue to Winterspring and camp Dark Whisper Gorge where the rich thorium spawns. Then I would just sit there all day and check at 15 minute intervals for the next spawn. It’s tedious and requires you to be logged in for hours, but if you have that ability it’s the least time consuming (and by this I mean sucking up your active play time) method for collecting ore. My server is pretty well populated, last time I checked it was in the top 20 on WoWCensus, and I was able to have the spot mostly to myself until about 5pm ET. So depending on what time zone you’re in I would either play the early bird or the night owl, both of those windows work for me in terms of avoiding other node farmers.

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