Crafting Medley

I know, this is getting kind of awkward to throw a bunch of unrelated crafting tidbits into one post.

Your trainer is in a weird spot, I saw him outside the Keep building on the right-hand side. He’s just standing out there, pretty much where you’d normally find a stable master. I haven’t checked him out yet since Kayree, the engineer, hasn’t been on the server yet.

Crafting Bag Update
Yes I know, I slacked off in my initial investigation with the new crafting bags. Luckily I found myself back out there today and took notes on what the vendor had this time:

Gem Pouch
Toolbox (Engineering)
Leather Pouch
Enchanting Satchel
Mining Sack

The bags ranged in price from 9-13 gold (approximately) and were all 20-slot except the leather one, which was only 14. Denied once again!!! Since Kaliope has all Traveler’s bags, the leather pouch is pretty much worthless to her. Blizz hates me :(

First Aid
The First Aid vendor is located in the Temple of Telhamat, which is on the west side of Hellfire Peninsula. You purchase the First Aid book from him, and he also has two others for the new bandages you’ll be able to make. I have yet to power through First Aid. I was saving that for my tank, Kayree, who just arrived at the beta server tonight. I have been saving the new cloth drops for her though, so we’ll see how much 8 stacks of runecloth and 1-2 stacks of netherweave can accomplish ;)

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