Cooking to 350, the power-level way (BETA SERVER)

Kaliope came to the Outlands prepared for some king-sized cooking, I brought 8 stacks of whitescale salmon with me to the beta server. Since Kali also fishes, it’s not exactly difficult to end up with large amounts of fish. In fact, the hard part is using all regular fish you get while you’re trying to catch the Stonescale Eels and such. Needless to say, I had plenty of fish lying around, just waiting for a project like this.

How far can you power-level Cooking with an unlimited supply of salmon? Since the Baked Salmon recipe was still orange to me at 300 skill, I decided to find out. Kaliope headed straight for the inn at Honor Hold and snapped up one of the Master Cooking books for 1.8 gold. Then she visiting the Innkeeper and bought a few stacks of Soothing Spices, set up shop by the fire and got to work…

… At 349 the Baked Salmon recipe was still green to me. I had gone through almost 60 fish to get there, and my supplies were low. But I still had more in the bank, so I hotfooted it back to Stormwind to get the rest of my fish and keep going. Back at the inn, I hit 350 and the skill points started coming very slowly after that. I worried that my supply of fish would give out before I hit the gray zone. Luckily I was able to barely eek out the last few points right before I ran out of fish. The Baked Salmon recipe went gray at 355, I’d say to be safe you should probably store up 5 stacks of fish to reach it.

The only recipe I had that was still green at 355 was the Smoked Desert Dumplings. I didn’t happen to have any sandworm meat saved, but for those of you who want to try and get further than I did, that would be the next recipe to skill up with.

Sadly, the only new recipe I’ve found so far is for the “Ravager Dog” which went gray before the Baked Salmon did. I bought it from the innkeeper at Honor Hold, but I have yet to actually loot any ravager meat, so I haven’t made that one. I keep looking for more recipes but no luck so far. I did manage to pick up one quest that gives you a recipe for “Buzzard Bites” but I haven’t done it yet.

From my quickie peek at Thottbot it appears that most of the new recipes are sold in Zangarmarsh, the next higher zone after Hellfire Peninsula. This would explain why I haven’t found them — I haven’t explored that zone much yet ;)

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  1. Zagzil Says:

    Get the recipes from Allerian Stronghold in Terrokar Forest, Warp Burger is good for you.

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