Leather and Skinning, first impressions

Your trainer is a sly little devil, nestled on the left wall outside the Honor Hold Inn (the side opposite the mailbox). He is sitting on the ground near the outhouses, plus he’s a dwarf which made him very hard to spot!!

The skinning trainer is named Jelena Nightsky and she is in the main room of the Inn, on the right hand side by the stairs. The skinning goes up very slowly after 300, I’ve skinned maybe 2-3 dozen critters and gone up only 5-6 points. I’m guessing the rate is at about 20% for gaining a point each time you skin.

It’s also going to feel like noob time to you again, because most of what you get is knothide leather scraps, which you combine into knothide leather. I actually have the +5 skinning chant on my gloves and I’m still getting mostly scraps. The upside is that combining the scraps gives you points in Leatherworking (yellow at 300 skill), so you get something good for your trouble. You also get six new recipes from your trainer including a new armor kit (+8 stamina!), a couple of mail items, nice druid boots and some rogue gloves. These are all set pieces with set bonuses, so presumably that would make them more desirable to other players.

Kaliope is still working on collecting a decent amount of leather (those stupid scraps!!), so she hasn’t gotten to 310 skill when the next wave of recipes kicks in. At this point she’s only gotten enough leather to make 2 pieces of gear (about 6 pieces of leather per item), so it’s kind of slow going. I will keep you posted when I know more!


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