Rinse and Repeat

For the adventuring portion of my first Beta weekend, I took 3 of my girls through some of the first quests in Hellfire Peninsula. My rogue and druid both ended up with much of the same gear, since the bulk of the leather gear is DPS oriented. I don’t really mind, Kali (druid) needs it for soloing anyway. But resto druids are probably going to come up shorthanded in the “new gear” department compared to some of the other classes.

Since Krys (rogue) was so busy working on Jewelcrafting, she was the last of the three to go through the early quests. Tonight I managed to collect 4 new pieces of gear, plus the one I got her on her first visit to the Outlands. I wanted to give everyone some hard comparison data to demonstrate how the new quest rewards stack up against the current ‘casual’ loot drops.

(Barman Shanker, Scarlet Kris, Mixologist’s Tunic, ‘Monkey’ Helm, Abyssal Legs of Striking)
DPS: 78.6 Main-hand, 62.6 Offhand
Health: 3705
Armor: 1563
Attack Power: 678
Crit %: 16.28
Dodge: 26.52
Post Beta (Quest rewards including 2 new daggers, helm, chest, legs)
DPS: 95.2 Main-hand, 71.1 Offhand
Health: 4103
Armor: 1659
Attack Power: 694
Crit %: 20.35
Dodge: 26.67

As you can see, most of my stats went up by 20-30%. This is just in the 4-5 hours I’ve spent doing half a dozen or so quests. Now granted, if you are already wearing epic gear, you probably will see little or no difference at this stage. Krys was wearing half blue/half green due to her baby sister status behind my other three toons, so the new gear is having a larger impact on her. Even so, I’ve read other beta testers’ commentary on the new gear and there seems to be a general agreement that Tier 1 and Tier 2 will be obsolete pretty quickly.

On a different note, I discovered the most fun quest today. The great thing about having 3 toons on the Beta server (still need to copy my tank) is that I can have triple the fun!! Ok, we don’t need to mention that the sucky part is having to do the annoying quests 3 times :P

Anyway… back to the fun quest. Wow, I’m actually torn about giving this away. Let’s just say you get to blow things up and there’s no risk of dying involved. There is a certain element of target practice required though. It’s really fun and I had a blast doing it over and over with each girl. Plus you get two new pieces of armor to boot, does it get any better than that?? No, I don’t think it does =)

I also powered my Jewelcrafting to 275, I’ll be posting more about that later…


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