A medley of crafting tidbits

Some other little tidbits I’ve picked up along the way:

  • “Chef” Gaston at the Honor Hold Inn sells the Master Cookbook for 1.8 gold, which allows you to skill up to 375 in cooking.
  • Hama, the Grandmaster Tailor is also located at Honor Hold Inn
  • The Grandmaster Blacksmith, Humphry is in Honor Hold at the Smithy and he charges 10 gold to learn Master Blacksmithing. He charges 1-1.5 gold apiece for the first wave of recipes involving Fel Iron (there are six).
  • Hurnok Grimmord will teach you Master Mining for 9 gold, he is also in the Smithy. You can learn how to smelt Fel Iron from him for 4 gold, plus a couple of other skills I don’t understand yet: ‘Earth Shatter’ and ‘Fire Sunder’ which seem to involve motes.
  • The Master Skinner, Jelena Nightsky, is inside the Honor Hold Inn as well, and she will train you for 10 gold.
  • The quest log has been expanded to 25 quests, thank goodness because there are a bazillion new ones you’ll need room for!
  • The bank has been expanded by (I think) 4 new slots in the main area and one additional bag slot. On top of that, the cost of new bag slots has been reduced to 25 gold for the last two (maybe more than the last two, I didn’t bother testing this :P).
  • There is a vendor at the Temple of Telhamat who sells 20-slot crafting bags. In my eagerness to grab the one for mining, I neglected to make a note of the other ones. I know there was an Engineering box, not sure about the other professions. These bags were 10 gold each and are available in limited quantities. The mining bag I picked up holds ore/bars/stone and your mining pick. It is also Bind on Equip, so you could potentially buy more than one and mail them to your alts or buddies who need them.


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  1. Dogath Says:

    There is not an Alchemy bag at the Telhemat vendor.

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