Questy Goodness & More

Ok, now that I’ve spent a full evening questing in the Outlands, I thought I’d give a better run-down of what to expect. The first three kill quests you’ll get will give you, depending on your class:

A new weapon (Dagger/Shield/Bow/Wand)
A new weapon (Dagger/Sword/Axe/Staff)
A new piece of armor (Helm/Tunic/Leggings)

I believe these quests are designed to give every class two new weapons right off the bat. There are two different daggers for rogues, a wand and caster staff for cloth folks, a one-handed sword and choice of shield for tank types, a bow and a 2-handed axe for hunters, and a druid-oriented staff for feral druids. The armor quest doesn’t do quite as good a job of covering everyone, there’s a resto-druid helm, a hunter helm, a rogue tunic and warrior leggings.

But never fear, there are many other quests after these first three. I took my hunter out there and did at least half a dozen quests. I still have 12 more in my quest book and that’s not counting any dungeon quests or orange quests I managed to grab. So you will truly stay busy in the Outland, there’s plenty to do. You should also walk away with a good amount of new gear. I did a quick tally of just the 58-61 quests, which should be easy to complete before you hit 61. In addition to the three quests mentioned above there are 3 more armor quests, 3 jewelry quests and 1 trinket quest. I think every player will walk away with at least half a dozen useful new items by the time they ding, unless they were epic’d out to start with.

Just a quick example of the goodies to be had, my hunter completed four ‘gear’ quests over the last two nights. She received a 58.1 dps, 2-handed axe with +19 Agi, +30 Sta, and +38 attack power to replace her Ice Barbed Spear from AV. She also upgraded her Ancient Bone Bow with a 44.3 DPS crossbow with +6 Agi, +9 Sta and +12 attack power. A quest which involved killing 12 mobs in a cave rewarded me with a new belt that had 257 AC, +16 Agi, +22 Sta and +32 attack power, a nice improvement over the Stormpike Girdle I had been sporting. Another quest that simply had me collecting junk from the ground near some 58-62 mobs netted me a nifty helm with 347 AC, +19 Agi, +30 Sta and +38 attack power. Coming into the Outlands I had 108.6 ranged DPS without any buffs. After equipping these four items my ranged DPS went up to 114.4, a pretty nice improvement for just two nights’ work. All of these quests were soloable and very easy to complete.

Unfortunately the news isn’t quite as exciting on the gathering front. I found only two nodes of Fel Iron during my 5-6 hours in the Hellfire Peninsula. I also saw only a few lonely herbs here and there. This zone is very similar to the Blasted Lands, so maybe the gathering situation will improve in other locations. I sure hope so because I need to work on my smithing!

I also took my druid out tonight and made a point of tracking the XP and faction gain before I killed anything. Just for the chatting and fedex quests you get sent on when you first hit the Outlands, you’ll get 11717 experience and 1000 faction with Honor Hold. Unfortunately this is pretty puny compared to the huge XP bar you’ll have. Each quest I completed with my hunter seemed to give around 9000 XP, so I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult to level up. Right now my hunter is about 6 bubs in with the handful of quests she’s completed.


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