JC 100-200: Buzz thru iron + small prospecting chart

I’m going to start off by saying this range of recipes will be quite a bear to pull off if you’re not prepared. There are a lot of wacky ingredients involved that will bring your progress to a halt if you don’t have them. Things like elemental water, elixir of ogre’s strength, large fangs, just to name a few.

First, I used the Ring of Silver Might (+3 STR, +4 STA) to get myself from 100 to 110, because it only requires two silver bars to make. At 110 you can get the recipe for the Heavy Stone Statue (8x Heavy Stone), which will go yellow on you pretty quickly, but it’s still a fairly cheap way to get skill points. So I’d take this one as far as you can. I only took it to 120, but that’s because everything on the beta server is so insanely overpriced and I had to ration what I brought with me. After this you can start making the Heavy Jade Ring (Crit Rating +6), which uses 1 Jade, 1 bronze setting and 2 iron bars. Another option for the 120-130 range is the Ring of Twilight Shadows (+4 STA, +4 INT), which goes yellow at 130. If you still have bronze bars and some shadow gems, it would be cheaper to milk the Shadow ring until 130 and then switch to the Heavy Jade ring until 135 when that one goes yellow.

From 135 to 140 I made Barbaric Iron Collars (+10 Attack Power), which use 8 iron bars, 2 large fangs and 2 bronze settings. This recipe is fairly materials intensive compared to the last two, so I didn’t want to use it to heavily and deplete my supply of iron bars. At this point I was also able to start prospecting iron ore, which I only had 2 stacks of but I went ahead and took notes for you guys:

1st Prospect Result 1x Jade, 1x Citrine, 1x Iron Powder
2nd Prospect Result 1x Iron Powder
3rd Prospect Result 1x Lesser Moonstone, 1x Iron Powder
4th Prospect Result 1x Iron Powder

As you can see, the gem drop ratio seems to be going down as we move to the higher ores. I’m a bit concerned that this won’t bode well for us when we get to thorium and beyond.

From 140 to 150 you can make Heavy Iron Knuckles (Fist Weapon, 16.6 DPS, lvl 27), which is a vendor recipe purchased in Southshore. I went for this because the materials were pretty minimal at this stage, just 8 iron bars and 2 elixir of Ogre’s Strength. The other option for this skill range is the Golden Dragon Ring (+10 Attack Power, +4 Defense) which uses 1 jade, 2 gold bars and 2 copper wires.

Once you hit 150, you can start making Mithril Filigree, a base component for other recipes. I was so glad that this one lasted as long as it did, it stays orange until 180 skill (woot!). At 175 you get the next stone recipe, Solid Stone Statue. It starts out yellow to you, but you can still milk it for 10-15 skill points. At 185 I moved on to the Engraved Truesilver Ring (+3STR/AGI/STA/INT/SPI) which uses 1 truesilver bar and 2 gold bars. I actually had a good supply of gold so this recipe worked well for me. The other recipe you can use here is the Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing (+3 health/5 sec), which uses 1 citrine, 2 elemental water and 2 mithril bars. Both of these recipes will see you over the 200 mark. This is where I started to have material problems again, so I need to do some more character shuffling on the live server and send over girl #3 with more jewelcrafting materials <heheh>. That’s ok, 200 skill is a good place to stop for today!

One other note I wanted to toss out here, after this crafting session I tried putting up some of the items I’d made on the Auction. It looked like the jewelry from 150+ was minimally represented, so this may be the turning point for jewelcrafters being able to start making money. It’s really hard to say based on the beta server, but this looked promising.

Ok, one more final note and then I promise I’ll stop. I’ve been using Thottbot and WoWWiki beta list/guides to help me figure out what mats I need and what recipes to use for skill points. Today I found that they are already out of date with regard to which recipes kick in when. This is part of what forced me to quit for today, I need to go back to the trainer and find out what recipes are truly available at 200+. I’m going to take notes on the changes and try to get an updated listing on my site (crafterstome.com) in the next few days. Just an FYI for those of you trying to stockpile ingredients :)


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  1. Calf-Turalyon Says:

    I would imagine that your success rate with prospecting diminished just due to the fact that you are leveling just as your success rate with mining copper when first picking up the skill. You will sometimes fail at mining the copper vein early on.

    I wonder if you tried to prospect these lower-level ores once you reached higher levels. Have you tried? Success rate improved?

    Incredible article and am basing my own power-leveling of jewelcrafting partially based on your experience. Bookmarked Crafter’s Tome :)

  2. kaliope Says:

    I’m not sure if that would be a factor or not. Prospecting kicks in at 20 skill, so by the time I’m able to prospect iron ore at about 100 skill it should be a pretty solid ability. I think what really happened here is that my sample was too small and I hit a bad run. I have subsequent posts with thorium and fel iron which have the same 80-90% gem ratio, so I’m assuming it was just bad luck that time.

    BTW – thanks for the kudos! Glad the info is helping you =)

  3. Calf-Turalyon Says:

    My current supply for Jewelcrafting is as follows. Mind you, this is long before BC has been released and I have yet to make 1 piece (this is also why you will see no reference to anything beyond Thorium):
    ~~anything in ( ) identified my projected need…help me out here Kaliope!~~~those not in () mean I’m sure I have plenty~~~
    NOTE- expect to have an alt with all bank slots open, all 14 slot bags or better, and a couple pages of unread mail.

    Thorium -178 (200)
    Mithril -42 (50)
    Truesilver -22 (60)
    Gold -62 (120)
    Silver -51 (80)
    Steel -none
    Iron -40 (50)
    Bronze -152
    Tin -none
    Copper -139 (160)

    Thorium -189 (250)
    Mithril -117
    Truesilver -54
    Silver -2
    Gold -37
    Silver -3
    Tin -none
    Copper -none

    Dense -87 (160)
    Solid -153
    Coarse -20 (120)
    Heavy -40 (80)
    Rough -30 (80)

    Malachite -29 (40)
    Shadowgem-67 (80)
    Tigerseye -55
    Less. Moons-16
    Citrine -26
    Aquamarine -26 (30)
    Moss Agate -10
    Huge Emerald-16 (20)
    Large Opal -25 (30)
    Blue Sapph -7 (15)
    Azerothian D.-20
    Star Ruby -44
    Arcane Crys -1 (5?) Arcanite Bar-11(20)

    Golden-2 (6)
    Black -7 (15)
    Irrid -2 (10)
    Sm. Lst-4 (10)

    Fire -10
    Earth -10
    Water -10
    Air -10
    Living -10
    Undth -10

    Misc (as I’ve read over many sites with the designs including the following):
    various Mojo -varies
    Elix of Ogre Str -5
    Lg Rad Shard -(10+)
    Breath of Wind -(10+)
    Shadow Oil -10 (10+)
    Globe of Water -(10+)
    Large Fang -(10+)
    Heart of Fire -(10+)
    Various Enchanting supplies (dusts/shards/essences)

    I hope that this helps enlighten those the huge task Jewelcrafting is if you decide to undertake it. Thanks for looking at this for me Kaliope.

    The following is a list of all the recipes I’ve encountered in Live (wow 2.0)-

    -Amulet of the Moon
    -The Jade Eye
    -Truesilver Boar
    -Jade Pendant of Blasting
    -Emerald Crown of Destruction
    -The Aquamarine Ward
    -Ruby Crown of Restoration
    -Opal Necklace of Impact
    -Pendant of the Agate Shield
    -Necklace of the Diamond Tower
    -Emerald Owl
    -Gem Studded Band
    -Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing
    -Golden Hare
    -Heavy Golden Necklace of Battle
    -Ruby Serpent
    -Truesilver Crab

  4. kaliope Says:

    Ok, I finished my ingredient chart but I’m waiting for the man of the house to convert and upload it on my site… meanwhile let me address your question. Most of the recipes you’ve collected are sadly not on my list. They tend to require too many ingredients, the only ones I see that I’m using in my chart are the Amulet of the Moon and the Pendant of the Agate Shield. You should also purchase the Heavy Iron Knuckles from Micha in Southshore if you want to have your bases covered for vendor recipes.

    I’m not going to cover all your supplies here since you can use my chart when it goes up later, but just off the top of my head I’d say in the Bar category your thorium, gold, silver and bronze supplies are good but truesilver, iron and mithril are short. You have more than enough noob gems but I’d beef up your mid-level supply to closer to 30-40 each. This can easily be done by collecting some mithril ore (which I see you have) to prospect, say 10-20 stacks. You might also want to save up 5-6 stacks of copper ore, not to shore up your gems but because you can get at least 10 skill points for Prospecting at that level and you *cannot* prospect higher ores until you get Jewelcrafting at the appropriate level.

    I also see that you have plenty of thorium ore for Prospecting, this will be critical since you are short on high end gems (as I was). I’d guess around 200 thorium ore will get you there, about what I ended up using myself. Don’t kill yourself buying the missing gems, I think you have enough mithril and thorium ore to fill in the gaps.

    Pearls: only need 10 small, Essences: will be handy if you get stuck but not required. Mojo: need at least 60 regular, Powerful is optional. My list includes the Ogre pots and large fangs, the rest of Misc isn’t required for skill ups. I personally ended up using about 20 vision dust and that was all I needed from the chanting mats. Make sure you come back and visit my chart when it goes online, I think you’ll find it quite handy for plotting out exactly what to collect. It even includes alternate ingredient lists (choices which recipe to make for a given skill level).

    Good Luck!

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