JC to 100: A trip to Azuremyst + copper prospecting

Ok, so I step off the boat onto Azuremyst Isle and the first thing I do is check out the scenery. There are white stags walking lazily about, and like Darkshore, there are various nightsabers stalking around. Other low level mobs for the young Draenar to hone their skills on are Striders and Lashers (flowers). I follow the path up to (I hope) the city entrance and I’m met by the typical city guards. I enter the city and immediately start on a downward spiral that leads underground. This city is structured much like the Undercity, with multiple levels and tricky, maze-like walkways that take you to the various sections. It is quite easy to get lost and I did so numerous times!

Luckily Blizzard lets us ask most guards for directions, I’m no dummy so I track one down and get him to mark the Jewelcrafting trainer on my map. The upside of this city design is that most of the important areas are laid out around the perimeter of the Seat of the Naaru, which is right where you come in. The bank is in one “pit” and the Auction House is in the next “pit”. A pit is a small cave-like room that slopes down and branches off the main open area. In general this city is laid out in a seemingly simple fashion, the walkways are what cause the trouble. They often send up or down a level and completely circumvent the area you want to reach.

In any case, I made it to the Jewelcrafting vendor, after stopping at the bank to grab some copper ore and newbie gems. The first few recipes I get include the Copper Wire (base component for jewelry) and the Rough Stone Statue. You also get the first two jewelry recipes, a ring with +1 Spirit and another with +1 Intellect. Obviously the first thing you’re going to do here is start cranking out copper wires since you can use them later for the jewelry you need to make anyway. I made 20 right off the bat, and then moved on to the Rough Stone Statue…

Now on the surface this statue recipe seems like a good deal. Use 10x rough stone and get a skill point. The item itself acts like a heal-over-time (or shaman totem), potentially a useful item. Sadly, they are soulbound, so you won’t be able to crank out 50 of them and dump them on the AH. If you are starting a new toon for Jewelcrafting, I’m sure you’d use these while you level. I still need to see what type of health regen they put out, but I’m guessing us higher levels will end up vendoring the first few waves of them. So I ended up making about 15 of them (hey, free skill points are free skill points) and I’m saving them to test the healing capability. They only stack in fives, so they are kind of a bag space hog, too.

I only worked the copper wire/stone statue deal up to level 35, but I made a point to check when they went gray. You should easily be able to work these until 40 when they go green and if you really want to milk it, they are gray at 50. I decided against this because I had a limited number of ores and I needed to move on to my other mats and not waste ore on recipes that might not give me a point. Unfortunately the commerce situation on the beta server isn’t pretty. The volume of active auctions is about 20% of what a normal server would typically have. And as you might expect, the bulk of the crafting mats were sky high. I saw a 20 stack of noob gems going for 10-20 gold, so buying mats wasn’t an option for me.

A side effect I saw of the power crafting is that the lower level crafted jewelry is selling for peanuts. We are so used to seeing low-level rings and necklaces sell for 1-3 gold each, but my spot-checking of the 1-100 crafted jewelry was turning up prices of 20-50 silver for each item. I can only assume we’ll see the same problem when the expansion goes live, jewelry will probably tank big time. The only thing I can suggest is start stock-piling your materials now so you can plow through the first half of the profession and stay ahead of the curve. I should tell you that I ended up vendoring most of the jewelry I made since the auction situation looked so pitiful. None of the finished pieces stack and I just didn’t have room to store all of it.

At this point I moved on to Prospecting, which you learn at 20 skill. I only had 30 ore on me, enough for 6 “prospecting” actions (consumes 5 ore each time). The nice part is that you always get a gem, which I was worried about. Of course, I can’t promise it will continue to do so after release. I took notes on my success rate to give everyone a rough idea of what to expect. Out of 11 tries (55 copper ore) I got 13 gems: 4 Tigerseye, 7 Malachite and 2 Shadowgems. Two of my tries resulted in two gems instead of just one, so apparently there’s a 20% chance of getting a bonus gem. You also end up with copper dust that you can vendor. Since Prospecting doesn’t show up in your recipe list (it has a separate icon like Disenchanting), I can’t say how long you will continue to get skill points. I ended up taking an hour-long detour through Azuremyst Isle to collect more ore, so I didn’t bother to keep it up past 11 points.

After this I decided to make the Tigerseye Band (+2 STR) and the Malachite Pendant (+2 AGI). They only use one copper wire and one gem each, so that seemed the best use of resources to me. Both of these turn yellow at 50 skill, so you can work them for 10-20 skill points depending on how far Prospecting takes you. I went ahead and continued to 55 since I had plenty of gems from prospecting, in addition to what I brought with me. Now at this point you’ll get another Stone Statue recipe, for coarse stone. Any of you who are familiar with mining already know how hard it is to collect this stone in mass quantities. As a result, I don’t really recommend trying to skill up with it, but you are welcome to if you like.

Once I got to 55 I was able to move on to the next tier of recipes using bronze bars. I went ahead and made 20 bronze settings. This brought me to 75 skill and Apprentice level, yay! After this I decided to go with the Elegant Silver Ring (2 INT/2 SPI), which uses only 1 silver bar. I had a full stack with me so I went ahead and made 10 of these. Next I went ahead and did 6 Simple Pearl Rings (+4 Spell Hit Rating) since I had some small pearls to use up. At this point I was sitting at 90 Jewelcrafting, so I made 5 Gloom Bands (+5 SPI) to use up more of my shadowgems, which took me to 95. Then I made 5 Rings of Silver Might ((+3 STR/+4 STA), which use only 2 silver bars each.

Now I was at 100 skill, and I still had some bronze settings and 10 moss agate, so I decided to crank out some Brilliant Necklaces (+2 int/agi/spi/str, +1 sta). Sadly, this is where I ran out of bronze settings and needed more bronze bars. I’m currently stuck at 108 skill and need to travel to Auberdine to smelt additional bronze. Hopefully in my next session I’ll hit 110 skill points and be able to start crafting iron jewelry.


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  1. joanna "the Baker" smyth Says:

    I tried adding some of these to mine and it wasnt the greatest. I will try again!

  2. kaliope Says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by “adding these to mine” but if you can be more specific I might be able to help walk you through it. Let me know =)

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