Bad girl

I know, I’ve been slacking. No new posts for almost a week, but I have a really great excuse!! No email from Blizzard, no beta key for me. There’s a huge thread on the WoW forums from other beta key winners who are extremely PO’d about their missing keys. As of today it’s at 26 pages and counting, even though it was only started 8 days ago.

Check it out: Fansite Beta Key Thread

The upside is that we finally got a blue post yesterday indicating that our keys were being processed and likely to go out this week <yay!>. So I downloaded the beta client last night — that puppy is a whopping 2 gig!! I installed it this morning and I’m ready to roll as soon as the key arrives. I’m really hoping it’s today during the patch, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up too much. Reading 26 pages of people ranting about how Blizz is giving them the shaft tends to temper your excitement a bit. Granted, some of these folks have been waiting almost three weeks for their key (which is inexcusable, imo), so I can’t blame them for their frustration. But it has also dampened my spirits a bit, I stopped checking my email every 1-2 hours and just checked in the morning/at lunch/end of workday.

So, apologies for no new posts, but I had no news to share. Let’s all cross our fingers that this key shows up and my next post is from the Burning Crusade :)


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