TBC Beta, here I come!

I submitted a guide to the Stratics Beta Key contest and I won a Beta Key! I got the email yesterday, so I decided to start a blog and chronicle my adventures in the WoW expansion. My reason for entering the contest was to explore the new crafting content and document it for my web site: Crafter’s Tome. I encourage my blog readers to submit questions that I can investigate and post the answers to in my blog. I want to be the ‘sneak peek’ resource for all WoW crafters who are burning to know what the Burning Crusade has in store for them!

In preparation for my Beta adventure, I’ve spent the weekend clearing my bank slots of everything except what I’ll need for crafting. Everything else has been shipped off to bank toons until I copy my four main toons to the Beta server. I am also gathering tons of ore, gems and other mats for Jewelcrafting. I think I’ll have enough to get to at least 200 skill as soon as I arrive. After that I’ll have to collect more, including the new ores and gems that are only in the expansion.

The crafts that I’ll be able to explore are Leatherworking, Blacksmithing (Weapon/Sword specialty), Enchanting, Engineering (Goblin) and Jewelcrafting. I will also need to check out the new materials for Skinning and Mining, in order to hit the increased tradeskills level cap in TBC. In addition, all of my toons have 300 Cooking and First Aid which I plan to look into when I get there. I have one 300 Fishing toon as well (my main), so I’ll see what I can find out about fishing in the new zones. I apologize to any Alchemists and Tailors out there, I don’t know if I’ll be able to hook you up with info. I have a 300 Alchemist, but he’s only 36 so I don’t know how much use he would be in TBC. As for Tailoring I only have a lvl 20/200 skill toon, so again I don’t know how much I’d be able to use her for research. If I can figure out a way to make it happen I will, but I can’t promise anything.

Going into this, there are definitely a few concerns weighing on me. One being, how will I gather the new ores and skins with a level 60 toon? Will I need to level all the way to 70 in order to do it? How long will it take me to get 1 or more toons to 70 – is this even feasible in the 2 months before release? What kind of economy will there be on a Beta server, is it reasonable for me to purchase the materials I’ll need from the Auction House? Does anyone bother selling gear or components on a server where their character will likely be wiped in a couple of months? Is my plan for leveling 8 different crafting skills from 300 to 375 in the Beta even practical? Tune in next time to find out…

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